Broke Straight Boys: Blake & Ayden

Posted in Broke Straight Boys on September 19th, 2012 by Matt


“The day has come. The day has come.”

Blake Bennet has put it off long enough, but today he will finally get to taste some pillow. His ass will get a goodly tapping.

Who will get the honor of popping the Blake cherry? Ayden Troy. This will be the curly haired performer’s first taste of man ass. Both models are anxious about today’s proceedings.

“Walking into blindness,” Blake says when the cameraman asks how he’s feeling.

The boys get naked and Ayden gives Blake’s tan ass a few whacks. Our Blake isn’t convinced that’s fair. He’s right. It’s not, but the sound is lover-ly!

Blake’s blowing skills get Ayden hot and bothered, but his meat is no toy. Blake tries to deep throat a few times, but quickly comes up for air.

Ayden stands up and Blake keeps on sucking. You can tell Ayden is enjoying himself because he puts his hand on the back of Blake’s head. The sight of these two doing what men were meant to is boner inspiring.

Watch Ayden Young Fuck Blake Bennet at Broke Straight Boys

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