Cocksure Men: Philip & Eden

Posted in Cocksure Men on July 5th, 2012 by Matt


Philip Aubrey is taking a trip to Mexico and is getting a lesson in EspaƱol from Edin Sol. It starts out innocently enough with Philip asking how to say “please.” However, Philip has a dirty mind and not so innocent intentions. He asks Edin how to say “I want your cock” and then delves into a more ‘hands on’ approach. That of course leads to a more ‘mouth on’ approach.

Watch Philip Aubrey Fuck Edin Sol at Cocksure Men

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Cocksure Men: Shipped & Received

Posted in Cocksure Men on May 22nd, 2012 by Matt


Robert Axel and Cole Streets are lending a hand in our shipping department. Robert asks Cole if he’s ever worked with Jake Cruise. Cole says yes and shows Robert the DVD of his servicing scene with Jake. Seeing Cole naked, Robert immediately says he wants a piece of that.

Watch Robert Axel & Cole Streets Flip-Flop at Cocksure Men

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