Marcus Mojo: Secret Service

Posted in Marcus Mojo on July 2nd, 2012 by Matt


Marcus Mojo is charged with a serious duty this weekend. As an agent sworn to protect the country’s elite politicians, he cannot be distracted on the job. And with the president coming to town this weekend, he is already in position, scouting out potential problems and getting preliminary details out of the way in anticipation. First on that list of necessary precautions is getting his dick wet. Prime objective in every agent’s agenda. So Marcus calls another sort of “secret service” provider, and shortly after, Anthony Romero is knocking on his hotel room door.

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Marcus Mojo: Neighborly Invasion

Posted in Marcus Mojo on April 5th, 2012 by Matt


Marcus Mojo and Tyler Torro are rehearsing for their upcoming strip show, just running through the possibilities and working on logistics. Jimmy Clay is the nosy neighbor who drops in from time to time totally unannounced. Sometimes it’s a nuisance, and sometimes it’s a blessing. Today it is the latter, as he walks in to discover Marcus and Tyler stripped down to their skivvies and gyrating like a couple of naked animals.

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