Randy Blue: Robert Craig Fucks Jayden Tyler

Posted in Randy Blue on September 26th, 2012 by Matt


When Jayden Tyler met Robert Craig his eyes almost popped out of his head. He knew his partner was going to be topping him but when he saw that sexy smooth body with the well defined six pack abs and rock hard pecs he could not wait to see more. The two of them got really frisky right from the get go, with Jayden feeding Robert all of his nice big cock. Jayden would reach down and massage one of his nipples while he did his best to work all of that cock down his throat and that just made Robert go absolutely wild.

Watch Robert Craig Fuck Jayden Tyler at Randy Blue

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Randy Blue: Cole, Jayden & Travis

Posted in Randy Blue on September 19th, 2012 by Matt


Cole Markum and Travis James are all ready to do scene but nobody wants to bottom. All of a sudden they realize that the cameraman is none other than the ubersexy Jayden Tyler. That is all it took for those two hot horny studs to practically rip his clothes off and drag him, not exactly kicking and screaming, into a wild threeway. These guys were not about to just fuck each other, they wanted Jayden every which way they could have him.

Watch Travis & Cole Double-Team Jayden at Randy Blue

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Randy Blue: Dale Cooper

Posted in Randy Blue on September 4th, 2012 by Matt


You see him looking up at you from your phone. The mobile hookup site is the perfect place to order in when you are just not in the mood to cruise and you are now looking at your main course. A few texts later and there he is at your door, the incredibly handsome Dale Cooper. His handsome scruffy face looks even hotter than his photo and when he smiles you are as much his as he is yours. You do not even need to say a word, he knows exactly why he is there. Stripping seductively down to a jock strap, he knows you are eyeing him up like a piece of beef and he wants to give you the show of your life.

Watch Dale Cooper at Randy Blue

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Randy Blue: Brad & Brian

Posted in Randy Blue on September 4th, 2012 by Matt


What could be hotter than a big hunk of smooth muscle like Brad Barnes working himself up to a sweat while jerking his hard throbbing cock. How about two hunks of muscle, each getting off on the sight of the other getting off on themselves. Brad loves jerking off and working his hot body into a sexual frenzy but it is so much sexier when he is being watched. Thats where Brian comes in. Not only does he give Brad the erotic thrill of watching him pound his meat, he also shows of his own rock hard pecs and chiseled abs giving Brad quite a show.

Watch Brian & Brad at Randy Blue

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Randy Blue: Andrew & Trevor

Posted in Randy Blue on August 27th, 2012 by Matt


Andrew Stark is so impressed with Trevor Tripp working out in the Randy Blue gym that he just has to get some of that hot ass. Trevor was spotting Andrew while he worked his weights but then he goes down on him and works his huge cock with all of his mouth, lips and tongue.

Watch Andrew Fuck Trevor at Randy Blue

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