Samuel O’Toole: While You Were Sleeping

Posted in Samuel O'Toole on October 6th, 2012 by Matt


As Samuel O’Toole sleeps blissfully one morning, trying to recuperate from the previous night’s debauchery, Bryan Cole is up early and ready to start the day off right. Feeling around inside his shorts as he watches Sammy dream away, Bryan’s desires get the best of him, and so he decides to indulge in some harmless groping, slowly and lightly touching Sammy’s thighs and making his way up to his meaty ass. Sniffing at Sammy’s waistline, Bryan cannot control his urges, so he pulls down Sammy’s shorts a bit to expose his bare cheeks, plunging his tongue deep into Sammy’s ass. This stirs Sammy from his sleep, and upon waking, he rolls over to reveal his morning wood to Bryan, who does not hesitate in falling on top of Sammy’s cock.

Watch Samuel O’Toole Fuck Bryan Cole

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Samuel O’Toole: Remodeled

Posted in Samuel O'Toole on June 27th, 2012 by Matt


At O’Toole Construction, quality is job #1. Job #2 is getting into Kyler Ash’s pants, and seeing if he knows how to suck a dick or not. Johnny Torque and Samuel O’Toole are professionals at what they do, which means that not only is Kyler’s bathroom going to look stellar, but he’s also about to get the fuck of his life.

Watch Samuel O’Toole & Johnny Torque Fuck Kyler Ash

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Samuel O’Toole: The White Party

Posted in Samuel O'Toole on June 13th, 2012 by Matt


Silent, stoic & stripped down, Samuel O’Toole, James Jamesson & Brody Wilder are having a good old fashioned underwear jammy jam in the basement. Gleaming in their tighty-whities the three of them each pull out their hunks of manmeat for the pleasure of the others.

Watch Samuel & James Jamesson Fuck Brody Wilder

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Samuel O’Toole: Sexual Reflections

Posted in Samuel O'Toole on June 11th, 2012 by Matt


We see them everyday. Ourselves, others, and inanimate objects appear in windows, mirrors, and even on water surfaces. But what are they? Do they provide glimpses into parallel worlds? Samuel O’Toole thinks so.

Watch Samuel O’Toole Fuck Brad Foxx

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Samuel O’Toole: Toole’s of the Trade

Posted in Samuel O'Toole on May 22nd, 2012 by Matt


Poor Blake Carnage! Seems he has a tickle in his throat and needs to get a physical.Lucky Blake Carnage! His doctor is Samuel O’Toole, and that tickle in his throat is about to be replaced with Sammy’s huge cock.

Watch Dr. Samuel O’Toole Exam Blake Carnage

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