Sean Cody: Brandon Fucks Coner Bareback

Posted in Bareback, Sean Cody on October 6th, 2012 by Matt


“My boyfriend is gonna be so jealous when he hears who I’m working with today!” Coner said.

He was clearly excited!

“You know he can suck his own dick?” I said, nodding toward Coner.

Brandon’s eyes got wide. “No way!” he said, turning his head. “For real?”

Coner blushed a little. “Yep,” he said quietly as he swung his legs over his head for a quick demonstration.

“Wow!” Brandon said with a look of fascination. “He’s flexible!”

I think that Coner wanted to impress Brandon and it worked!


“He’s so hot!” Coner told me earlier. “I love his chest and his butt!”

Brandon was also excited. “I like his body,” he said. “I think he’s gonna be fun to fuck!”

One thing we didn’t expect (but it was a nice surprise) — Brandon blew his load up Coner’s ass!

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Sean Cody: Alexander & Jarek Bareback

Posted in Bareback, Sean Cody on September 27th, 2012 by Matt


Jarek was pounding aggressively on Alexander’s hole. All of a sudden, Jarek slowed down a little, got this really intense look on his face, and just started pumping slowly while his nuts tightened up.

He hadn’t said a word, but I knew what had happened. He’d just dumped a load inside Alexander! He pulled his dick out and a small river of cum leaked out all over the floor.

“I couldn’t hold it!” Jarek said as we were laughing about it later. “I tell you what though… it felt fucking amazing!”

“Yeah it was pretty intense,” Alexander agreed. “I could feel him cumming!”

I thought it was pretty hot too! I love it when a guy just cums spontaneously.

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“So how was it, newbie?” I asked Alexander. “Having a dick in your ass?”

“It was interesting,” he replied. “His dick is pretty long. It was hitting pretty far up!”

Jarek was still horny, though.

“How about another round?” he asked, grinning at Alexander.

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Sean Cody: Aidan & Daniel Bareback

Posted in Bareback, Sean Cody on September 25th, 2012 by Matt


Daniel is proof that first impressions aren’t always accurate. When I first met him, I thought he looked like a salt-and-pepper executive who did a little bit of modeling on the side. After I got to know him, though, I realized that he’s a dirty boy who likes rough sex with lots of dirty talk!

Aidan has mentioned several times that he likes it rough as well. I’m not sure if he knew what he was in for with Daniel, though!

Let’s just say that Daniel pounded the shit out of Aidan! I was shocked because Daniel said he’d never done it before.

“Are you hard again?” I asked Aidan. He was sweaty and out of breath and he was crouching because his legs were shaking.

“I am hard again!” he confirmed.

“Didn’t you just cum?”

“I did!”

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Sean Cody: Peter, Calvin & Joshua Bareback

Posted in Bareback, Sean Cody on September 20th, 2012 by Matt


“It’s going to be a big fuck fest of porn and holes and lube and spit and jizz!” Calvin said, attempting to describe what he anticipated for the day.

Joshua was grinning. “This is going to be so much fucking fun!” He had his hands all over Calvin and Peter.

The three of them were so excited they could barely contain it.

Joshua leaned in and and gave Calvin a kiss. Then he turned toward the camera and asked, “So what happens now?”

“Well…. Peter fucks you,” I said. “Calvin fucks you. You fuck Calvin. Peter fucks Calvin. Basically lots of ass fucking!”

“Yes!” Joshua said. “I cant wait!”

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“Maybe I can take turns fucking their holes?” Peter said. They had all kinds of ideas going through their heads!

Both Peter and Calvin have big cocks and Joshua was anxious to take them both.

“I like sucking dick,” he said, out of breath, his mouth wet. “And not just dick. Big dick!”

“There is so much sex happening it’s making my head spin,” Peter said. By that point he had fucked both holes aggressively, burying that huge cock of his deep!

“This is honestly one of the hottest movies I have ever made!” Calvin said. He was glad to be back!

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Sean Cody: Coner

Posted in Sean Cody on September 20th, 2012 by Matt


Coner is one of the most adorable models I’ve ever worked with. He had this shyness that worked perfectly with his personality and you could tell he was just excited to be there.

“Are you getting hard?” I asked. We noticed that before we even started filming he was rubbing his cock through his pants.

“Yeah,” he said shyly. “I think it’s the idea of the cameras that’s turning me on. Is that normal?”

There was just something about his eyes and his subtle smile that led me to believe he’s a bit mischievous.

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