Trystan Bull: Leisure Rules

Posted in Trystan Bull on September 4th, 2012 by Matt


Sometimes you just need a standard break from life! That’s why Trystan Bull is relaxing next to a cool pond, where his friend Marko Lebeau is dipping his feet. It’s a warm day with a slight breeze, and Trystan is soaking up plenty of rays. When Marko returns from the water, he offers to rub some sun block on Trystan’s deliciously chiseled body. But when Marko notices something fattening up in Trystan’s bathing shorts, he decides to offer a different kind of rub! You probably guessed it, Marko is pulling out Trystan’s hard cock and slurping it down.

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Trystan Bull: When The Wife’s Away

Posted in Trystan Bull on June 11th, 2012 by Matt


Trystan Bull is home from a long day at work, wanting nothing more than a little R&R. His wish comes true when he walks through the door to discover his wife has run an errand and will be several hours. Trystan immediately hops around to the bar to mix a drink, and celebrating his short stretch of freedom, begins to slowly massage his cock from its slumber.

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Trystan Bull Fucks Justin Chase

Posted in Trystan Bull on May 17th, 2012 by Matt


Justin Chase is new to the area and is checking out the Next Door Athletic Center. He wants a gym that offers certain things. First on the list is a friendly, accommodating staff. It’s a good thing Trystan Bull is on the training team!

Watch Trystan Bull Fuck Justin Chase

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