Falcon Studios: Landon Conrad & Bryce Star

Posted in Falcon on September 26th, 2012 by Matt


Falcon Exclusive Landon Conrad’s making a snack in the kitchen, but thinks sturdy young Bryce Star would satisfy the hunger burgeoning in his cock so much more. With those watery blue eyes and chiseled face covered with sexy scruff, Landon’s a vision to Bryce, whose All-American good looks are spiced by a turn-on full sleeve tattoo.

Watch Landon Conrad Fuck Bryce Star at Falcon Studios

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Jizz Orgy: Hot Like Fire

Posted in MEN on September 19th, 2012 by Matt


An amazing cast of studs including MEN.COM exclusives Rocco Reed, Colby Jansen and Andrew Stark get together for an epic fireman themed orgy. “Hot Like Fire” includes a few firsts like Rocco Reed sucking cock, and the MEN.COM debut for Landon Conrad & Charlie Roberts!

Watch Colby Jansen , Rocco Reed , Landon Conrad , Andrew Stark & Charlie Roberts at MEN.com

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Falcon: Landon & Trey

Posted in Falcon on August 27th, 2012 by Matt


Falcon Studios Man of the Year, Landon Conrad, wakes up in his lavish loft with his partner, dark sexy stud, Trey Turner nibbling on his nipple. Under their covers, they’re both sporting major morning wood. This is award winning cock from both parties, totaling well over 18 inches of man meat in need of morning relief.

Watch Landon Conrad Fuck Trey Turner at Falcon

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Falcon Studios: Body Shop

Posted in Falcon on June 11th, 2012 by Matt


Trenton Ducati sneaks off into the supply room and starts jacking off. But this hiding space isn’t much of a secret because Erik Rhodes makes his way back there too with the same release in mind.

Watch Landon, Marc, Erik & Trenton at Falcon Studios

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