Brüggemann Chemical showcased its additives at K 2016

Photo by Brüggemann Chemical

Germany-based Brüggemann Chemical displayed its latest developments in the additives field at K 2016.

It says polyamide compounders will benefit from its new copper complex based heat stabilizer for a wide range of temperatures, a flow enhancer, a nucleation agent for high processing temperatures, and a "chain-cutter" for recycling.

The company’s new developments with additives for PA injection moulding and extrusion were a particular focus at the show.

One example is its nucleating agent BRüGGOLEN TP-P1401, which the company says can be processed at high temperatures, enables short cycle times and supports the formation of a morphology which improves mechanical properties and enhances the surface appearance of reinforced polyamides.

Another example is BRüGGOLEN TP-C1608, a new heat stabiliser that, the company says, raises the long-term service temperature of PA parts to 150°C as compared to the 120°C that was previously seen in the industry as the limit.

A third example is Brüggemann’s new flow enhancer BRüGGOLEN TP-P1507 which allows compounders to improve the processability of glass filled polyamides while maintaining good mechanical properties.

“We see ourselves as problem solvers for the polyamide industry. We try to understand the new challenges and problems our customers face and we try to find the right solutions for them with the help of our chemisty tools,” Klaus Bergmann, business unit manager, Polymer Additives, for Brüggemann Chemical told Plastics News Europe. “Typically our packages are a mixture of additives that depend on what properties are required in order to get the right solution for the customer”.

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